Monday, September 6, 2010

The New Era Of Hip-Hop/Rap

Now when you think of Hip-Hop some think of different things at first.  Some may think of Biggie,Pac, while others may think of Eric.B and Rakim,Run DMC, and others think of Jay-z,50 Cent,Eminem.  You see depending on what generation you were born in determines the way you think of Hip-Hop.  Now for the New Era of Hip-Hop is different from the last past years and generations.  Such as Soulja Boy, makes good music for the younger listeners to dance to, while new artist like Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, and Big Sean(look them up if you don't have a clue who they are). All make that feel good, catchy, and really entertaining music without the hard punchlines and metaphors.  Also artsit like Lil.Wayne, Fabolous, and Kanye, also make songs in that bracket of music, but at times focus on a way more lyrical part of music.  The New Era of music is just full of familiar face rappers and newcomers, and with new artist breaking through the game everyday, theres more than enough music for you to be entertained with as well as finding a new artist that you may like.  Who knows you may find your new favorite rapper today...think about.

                 Well this is FlyspittaE signing out, remember my fellow music lovers, stay open minded, don't be afraid to listen to somthing new.  Keep your head out the clouds and just ride the clouds okkaaaayyyy. Im outta here.